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Heather Jackson - CEO & Founder of An Inspirational Journey

Heather Jackson

"The under representation of women at the top of corporate Britain is no longer an equality issue, but a business issue and one that can be rectified by fixing the leaking female talent pipeline within organisations, ensuring the best talent can lead regardless of gender, sector or region.

There is a solution for the UK on this agenda that does not require quotas – but collaboration of organisations, their leaders and their women... and one that will allow the UK to lead the world on the issue.

An Inspirational Journey has that solution and is delivering the only business-led solution to this issue. We hope you get on board!”

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The three initiatives making up An Inspirational Journey...

The Pearls

The Pearls

The Pearls is at the heart of An Inspirational Journey. We bring together high calibre, like-minded women from different sectors and regions of the UK to develop, build and maintain a pipeline of female talent by building on confidence, capabilities and contacts.

The Two Percent Club

The Two Percent Club

The Two Percent Club think it’s a problem that there’s an under-representation of women at the top and have come together, as the current top 2% of female business talent from across all sectors and regions of the UK, to do something about it.

Women's Business Forum

Womans Business Forum

The Women’s Business Forum delivers the UK’s first and only balanced business forum. Current and aspiring leaders of the future, male and female, meet annually to discuss effective business management and performance.